Tuesday, 16 July 2013

the heart of the matter..

So a revelation came to me as I was slicing buns at one of the various festivals we have been volunteering at here in Norway. I don't know if you know of the "everything is meaningless" idea from Ecclesiastes but it started to come to my head as I looked at all the little and seemingly insignificant tasks we were doing. Really, do the 30 tents we set up or the dozens of pitas we slice, or the hours we spend checking arm bands during security shifts really matter in the kingdom of God? When we look at our actions in the midst of all that's going on in the world what we do even the bigger accomplishments seem incredible small. This is outreach. Where are we truly making a difference? It came to me a few days later "your good works are filthy rags before me". Wow. And here I was looking for significance in those filthy rags. God is teaching me instead, to focus on who I am. When I focus on my character, so called good works and actions that have influence will naturally flow, but then our value and significance is not found in those, but in our true identity. A talented creation of God made to have significance through LOVE. It is who we are that will make a difference in the world, not what we do, because it's who we are that speaks to hearts. Cutting buns and setting up tents may have been helpful for a moment but don't truly matter. The attitude with which we do them and the opportunities we take to encourage those we were working with during these tasks do. One of the ladies at the first festival we were at drove an hour and a half back from her home town after she had left just to have us pray for her because she noticed while we were putting up tents that we cared about her life enough to make conversation. Also, we can use small tasks and opportunities to help build my character and when i don't see them making a difference, can take comfort in the fact that some day they might. With this new knowledge I am trying  to get out of the habit of performing and striving. Ask The Lord if you are meant to do the same. 

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